1. Warez is banned from this server! DO NOT SHARE ILLEGAL FILES!
  2. Do not serve files that contain instructions for harming other people, or for performing illegal actions
  3. Do not be abusive; that is, no more than two clones (being signed on several times) and if you do have a clone it must be made clear that your two nicks belong to the same person and that you're not tricking others into thinking you're someone else; spamming; flooding (generally this means typing 10 or more lines in succession); etc. This is a general guideline; some channels may be more strict on these offenses than others
  4. vHosts shall not contain the name of any IRC network or channel, including *, nor shall they contain obscenities, hateful remarks, or spammy messages
  5. Do not SPAM. SPAM includes, but is not limited to, any attempt to persuade Netfuze users to join another network. Pasting an IRC network address may also constitute SPAM depending on the channel (#coldflame and #netfuze consider this SPAM). Quit message SPAM is included in this rule
  6. You may not bring any bots to this network without prior permission from an admin (ircops not included; see the list of admins in the MOTD or see the website)
  7. Operators of this network are IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE for what is said on this network or what is done on this network. Each user assumes full accountability for his or her own words and actions
  8. Please be respectful of your fellow users
  9. Anyone is allowed to make their own channel. Please use ChanServ to register your channels
  10. Adult material (e.g. sexual chat) is ALLOWED CONDITIONALLY. NO adult material shall be allowed in a channel topic, and all channels with adult material must state so in the topic. You shall not under any circumstances serve sexually explicit images through DCC or an fserv on this network. Links that are sexually explicit should be labeled as so and can only be pasted in channels that explicitly permit this. Obviously, all sexual material must be obey United States laws as well as your local laws
  11. Admins reserve the right to dissolve any channel at any time for any reason
  12. Do not impersonate an ircop or admin. Do not use a nick that is similar enough to an ircop or admin's that others might think you are them!
  13. Please contact an ircop immediately upon discovery that a user is breaking any of these rules. If a user is breaking a channel rule, please contact a channel operator immediately, and if one does not respond promptly, please contact an ircop
  14. Finally, Netfuze Network believes strongly in "Channel Rights." Operators try their best to not get involved in the administrative affairs of a channel, unless they are granted ops there. Please do not abuse the server or break server rules, and ircops will stay out of your channel's business.
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