Getting Started

Where to Type Commands

You type all commands in the same box you type messages to other users. If the very first character you type is a forward slash (/), then it will recognize it as a command, not a message to other users, and it will NOT display the command to other users in the chat room.

Registering Your Nickname

You can register your nickname so that others cannot use it and impersonate you. You only have to do this one time. Here is the command you type:
/ns register YourPassword


When you come back to the network with the same nickname you registered, you MUST "identify" yourself, or prove that that nick is yours, by putting in your password. To do this, you type:
/identify YourPassword

Changing Your Nickname

You can change your nickname by simply typing:
/nick NewNick

Grouping Your Nicknames

If you choose to have multiple nicknames, you shouldn't register each one individually. What you should do is register one, and group all your other nicks with that one nick. To do so, you would type:
/ns group OriginalNick YourPassword
Many people use this feature to make it clear they're away. For example, if your nickname is Wolf, when you go away, you might want to make it Wolf|Away. In this case, you can type /nick Wolf|Away to change it, then group it (you only need to group nicks 1 time). To do so, you would type:
/ns group Wolf YourPassword

Setting Yourself as Away

When you go away, you can type:
/away Your away message here

Returning From Away

To come back from "Away" status, simply type:
When you don't give an away message, that'll indicate that you're coming back from away, not actually going away.

Getting More Info on a User

You can get some basic info on a user by doing a "whois" on the, by typing:
/whois Username
"Username" is the user you want to find out more about.

Sending a Private Message

You can send private messages to users. To create a new tab where you can chat with that user privately, type the following command:
/query UserName

Getting a List of Channels (Chat Rooms)

You can see a list of pre-existing channels on the network by typing:

Entering a Channel (Chat Room)

It's very easy to enter a channel. All you have to do is type the following command:
/join #Channel
All channels begin with the pound (#) sign. You can use this command to enter a pre-existing channel, or create your own!

Creating Your Own Channel

It's easy to create your own channel! First, you must have a registered nickname. Then, you must join that channel (see how above). Then, the last thing you need to do is register the channel. The command is as follows:
/cs register #ChannelName Channel Description
The channel description is optional. Here's an example of how this command can be used:
/cs register #CoolChat Come to chat about whatever you'd like

If You Still Have Questions

You can join #help and ask. Enjoy!
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